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Drambuie – Extraordinary Bar


HSI London director Chino Moya has directed this irresistibly weird and wonderful commercial for the whiskey brand. Set in a surreal world full of visual metaphors that represent the drink’s depth and complexity, the piece was created by agency Sell! Sell!and is for its ‘A Taste of the Extraordinary’ campaign. This wonderfully discomforting commercial looks like a nightmare David Cronenberg had about a David Lynch film. A barman in an extraordinary bar is the master of ceremonies in a cavalcade of strangeness than ends with three men in a desert-bound boat repeatedly reciting the brand’s three syllables.


Drambuie – Extraordinary Bar

Agency: Sell! Sell!
Creative Team: Vic Polkinghorne
TV Producer: Fiona Plumstead
Film Prod Co: HSI London
Director: China Moya
Producer: Jeremy Goold
Dir of Photography: Ray Coates
Post-Prod House: MPC
Editing House: Work
Editor: Richard Orrick

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